Transforming Conflict: Address the Elephant in the Room

Sometimes, the most significant challenge you face is the one no one talks about, at least not openly. It may be a branch office that treats internal customers like second-class citizens, two senior partners who can’t stand to be in the same room with each other, or a team that is unwilling to collaborate with others, but is tolerated because it is highly profitable. Left unacknowledged or unaddressed, these "killer issues" sap morale and divert your organization's energy and attention away from more productive undertakings.

Kagan Associates specializes in transforming your challenging situations into opportunities for growth and learning. Our approach includes teaching you a four-step problem-solving and conflict transformation process so that you learn the critical skills you need to work the issues through to conclusion.

In each case, you begin by allowing the challenge or conflict to see the light of day, exploring the ramifications of the issues raised, the facts and feelings involved, and making sure that all relevant voices are heard in the process. You next envision what successful resolution looks like – a crucial step too often overlooked in problem-solving – so you have the clarity of your goals and can discover any common ground. Only then do you move to thinking creatively about options and how well they support your envisioned resolution.

Our process reflects our belief that conflict itself can be creative, not destructive, when handled respectfully and thoughtfully. Our goal is to facilitate resolutions that “heal the hurt” and allow you to move forward with grace.