Building Teams: Optimize Your Performance

Why do some of your teams achieve all of their goals with apparent ease, while others flounder? What makes a group of individuals able to transform themselves into a synergistic, creative force, where information and ideas flow, hand-offs are seamless, and results are assured? High performance is a function of three factors: shared commitment to common goals, insistence on healthy team dynamics, and ability to put the right talents on the team in the first place.

We work with teams of all types, from leadership teams, to cross-functional project teams, to ad hoc task forces tackling strategic initiatives. In each case, our approach includes clarifying your team’s purpose, goals, functions, and scope of responsibilities to make sure the right results are achieved. We help you focus on the dual priorities of attending to both relationships and tasks. Team dynamics (relationships) have to be right if your team is to deliver on its promises (tasks).

One of the best predictors of team success is having the right talents on the team to begin with. We recommend the Kolbe Pure Instinct System®, an assessment tool that uncovers the instinctive strengths and hidden talents of your team members, and analyzes the likelihood of team success based on your collective results. We also use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, which identifies preferences in your mental processes related to how you perceive the world and make decisions. Both the Kolbe and MBTI help you and your team members learn to value and leverage differences through understanding yourselves and each other better.