Developing Talent: The Platform for Your Success

As your organization evolves, it is important to establish a substantial foundation upon which to build your success. One of the most important building blocks of that foundation is having the right people with the right talents doing the right work. Another is making sure that your future success is not tied to the presence or personality of any single individual. These speak to the importance of developing, managing, and planning for your people as a priority.

It’s been said a million times, “Our most valuable assets walk out the door every day.” If this is true for your organization, then taking care of your people – hiring right, developing their talents, creating the right environment, and planning for the future – is one of your most essential responsibilities as a leader. We can help you by creating a talent map for your organization that surfaces untapped skills, identifies gaps and redundancies in coverage of your key areas, and informs your future recruiting.

We Can Help You By...

  • Promoting self-awareness through self-assessment instruments like the Kolbe Conative Index® and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Taking you through a 360 review process that allows participants to receive valuable feedback on how they show up at work
  • Facilitating programs, such as Leading With Grace℠, that develop behavioral competencies for leaders
  • Putting in place a coaching or peer mentoring program for sustainable changes in behaviors and actions.
  • Developing technical and behavioral competency models for specific positions in anticipation of hiring, or in light of a need to clarify and refine existing roles.
  • Walking with you through succession or contingency planning, being sensitive to the dynamics of your organization and carefully managing expectations in the process.