Leading with Grace: Promoting Principled Leadership

We teach recognized and potential leaders at all levels in your organization how to lead others “gracefully” by gaining greater awareness, knowledge, and mastery of themselves. Our customized programs promote conscious, principled leadership in your organization by educating leaders who model for others the behaviors conducive to outstanding work experiences.

Our Leading With Grace℠ and Communicating With Grace℠ programs can be delivered in a variety of seminar formats to meet your scheduling needs.

Leading With Grace℠, our renowned leadership training program, focuses on the development of highly capable, compassionate, and collaborative leaders. Each program is customized to the specific needs of your group, and our case studies and other exercises are carefully chosen or designed to reflect the challenges and opportunities of your organization. As part of the program, we create a forum in which real issues are aired, and you use the skills you are learning to work through these issues to successful conclusion. Our goal is to facilitate collaborative leadership that is self-sustaining long after the formal training has been completed.

Communicating With Grace℠, which is part of our Leading With Grace curriculum, focuses on the development of the deep listening skills and respectful, forthright communication essential to productive dialogue. These skills assure the transfer of the critical information your leaders need to perform successfully and respond appropriately in the workplace, including in situations of emotionally charged conflict. In particular, we emphasize communicating effectively through situations of conflict as a means of transforming relationships. Each Communicating With Grace program is customized to address your specific context and challenges.