Executive Coaching and Leader Mentoring: Realize Your Potential

We help leaders, valued team members, and high potentials achieve their professional goals through a rigorous process of personal growth. Our commitment is to help those we coach or leader-mentor gain important insights about how they show up in the workplace, develop a clear vision of how they want to show up in the future, and create an actionable plan and path for getting there.

All our coaching and leader-mentoring takes place within the context of your organization’s mission, culture and strategic goals, and we use real life opportunities and responsibilities to “develop muscle” and hone desired skills and abilities.

Why might you want an executive coach or leader mentor?
  • You’re looking to develop a particular skill that is important to your leadership or some of your behaviors are impeding your success. You know where you want to go, but could benefit from a coach to help you figure out how to get there.
  • You’re going through a time of change – a promotion, a major new “stretch” project, a new location and a whole new team. An objective thinking partner could help you navigate the changes.
  • You’ve been a manager for a long time, but have never thought of yourself as a leader. A leader-mentor could help you discover your leadership strengths and character, and support you in developing your own “leader brand.”
While the impetus for seeking a coach or leader-mentor may vary, the prerequisites to a successful relationship do not. These include:
  • A professional relationship based on mutual trust and respect.
  • A context of complete confidentiality.
  • Your willingness to engage in a process of experimentation and change as a path to personal and professional growth.
  • Our ability to be fully present to you, listening for what's behind your words, knowing when to push, offering ideas, and creating options.

Programs are built around a series of conversations between the client and coach over a defined period of time, typically six months. At the outset, we discuss the reasons to engage in coaching. Together, we clarify the outcomes you seek and discern any attitudes and behaviors that are getting in the way of your success. Subsequent sessions are devoted to helping you develop the awareness, skills, strategies, and wherewithal to achieve your goals, including exploring levels of personal commitment and desire to change.