Development/Assessment Tools

Over the years, we have come to know and trust a number of assessment and development instruments that facilitate personal and professional growth in individuals, teams, and organizations. At certain points in our work with you, we may recommend one or more of these instruments to move you through a particularly challenging aspect of the work, to accelerate your progress in coming together as a team, or simply to enhance your self-awareness as an essential first step to change.

As an example, many conflicts in the workplace are a direct result of individuals imputing negative intentions to others’ behaviors (and taking things personally) that may be, in fact, the result of differences in personality or approach to work. We facilitate team seminars designed to enhance awareness of your own and others’ preferences and natural instincts for taking action, and through this greater understanding, help transform stressed relationships into an appreciation of the benefits of these differences.

360 Feedback
While the right technical skills are necessary to do a job well, they are limited in the absence of complementary emotional competencies and behaviors that fit with the culture of your team or organization.

Other Assessment Tools
Whether for personal growth, team development, or conflict transformation, we believe in taking the time to learn as much as possible about your own preferences and approach to work.